Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I saw the Notorious movie this past weekend when I went to visit my cousin and her baby. I don't know why I'm talking about this because the movie wasn't something I would've originally set out to see. I guess it's because it reminded me of this scene. I have a ridiculous love for 10 Things... I know the entire script, Kat was what I had set out to be in life (this literary shrew, driving this chewed up car, scowling, table dancing when life got too hard and passing out in a gorgeous guy's arms, then vomiting in it, but vomiting in a way that had him coming back for more - (happened)). Achieved full stop

So, does this count as a post? I started work experience at Yoga magazine so my days are stacked. Hence sorry excuse for a post. Nah, I think this is a killer post. Highlight of my day. OMG NO! The highlight was discovering Jala Neti, and vomiting up water and things like that (filing at the Yoga office).

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