Wednesday, September 2, 2009


There's something about Geoff Cordner's beach photos that are just so...ideal? Aside from his surfer lifestyle shots, he's probably most known for documenting the raw, gnarly side of life, and at the same time, making it so beautifully stimulating. Like 'Hotel Hopscotch' is the best thing ever. But where the fuck do I get my hands on the rest of the series?? So good.


A lot's been going on over here, but I've mostly been working and updating my portfolio etc.; business cards, website, new resume et al. I think I'd really like to dabble in stylist and interior decorating work, along with the usual freelance writing. I think I'm a little more fashion forward than the average person (can I say that?) and with my mother being an interior decorator, I grew up in an environment where I woke up everyday and the house wasn't the same as yesterday...then followed suit with every room I owned after that (in smaller doses). And I realised that those 3 things are my passions. So I'm gonna stop being cheesy now and just conclude that that's my new plan. Bye.


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