Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello. Recently I've been...

-tweeting in french

-prowling the deepest, darkest corners of LA like Bar Sinister

-dying to pay a visit to this shop

-ogling faux downpours and street chases for the movie Oliver's Arrow/Inception that's being shot downtown (check out the cast on this fucker! I was in DiCaprio's atmosphere!)

-visiting Venus and Celina at their awesome apartment to see their latest latex designs and copious pairs of vintage burlesque shoes

-fighting with my boyfriend

-making up with my boyfriend

-gagging over disgustingly mixed absynthe cocktails at depressing prices

-downing as much free red wine at 'cool people' events like the Where the Wild Things Are gallery opening reception at Space 15 Twenty (great night! pics ahead)

-getting tours of BDSM/play dungeons

-finally spending my money on material pleasures now that my trip is coming to an end

-trying on shoes for work and not liking any

-missing out on interviews this week with major Abu Dhabi magazines because of this splendid trip

-sadly coming to grips with LA radio on our long drives, and actually singing along to, dear I say it, Lady Gaga

-re-exploring bisexuality, and failing

-hanging out in random UC Irvine dorm rooms

-learning languages via twitter



Sarah Von said...

Busy busy! Lucky Duck to attend that gallery opening - more than a little bit jealous :D

Helen said...

Wow! I'm speechless in front of this amount of activity.

Kara said...

HAHA! Now that I re-visit it, it sounds absolutely insane and made up

Sy said...

awesome, I wondered what the Mike Shinoda and doll exhibits would be like. I suppose I should check them out since I live a stone's throw away.

lolz @ "-fat"

hjgodwin said...

This week I av been mostly dipping my knob in cheese

[fast show reference]

hope you're enjoying it all kara!

Kara said...

SY: yea the current exhibits arent bad, u mite as well check it out.

HJGODWIN: i love ur queer verbal spurts lol. i'm havin a vere lovely time, i must say! how r things on that side?