Saturday, September 5, 2009


Technically I'm not stealing if I credit her. Today, laziness has me copying Sharma's post format. It's just way more efficient:

At the moment, I am:

Looking: a bit of a ragamuffin with no bra and side boob in an over-large American Indian art print tank and denim cutoffs. bare-footed and happily unshaved.
Reading: Writer's Market 2009 - It's like a fucking cinder block sized directory for freelance writers. Bought it cheap at Iliad bookshop (amazing secondhand bookstore).
Living: in my boyfriend's place. Well, have been for nearly 2 months, but gotta go soon if I ever wanna come back... :(
Working: on...everything.
Listening to: The Doors and Peter Bjorn and John (conveniently from their album titled 'Writer's Block')
Drinking: Sangria
Watching: Weeds season 5
Smelling of: sauteed veggies
Eating: just scarfed down some sauteed red-peppered mushrooms, onions and broccoli topped with melted cheese (trying really hard not to eat as much carbs)
Dreaming of: getting more and more shit published
Wearing: see 'Looking'
Walking in: Billabong flip flops, I'm afraid
Singing: Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Hong Kong Garden'
Trying: to improve my writing career
Wanting: to re-capture and maintain my once banging bod.

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