Friday, April 3, 2009


Yeah, haven't posted in a few. Been working or ill or both or ..limboing at a tiki bar in Kennington. That's one pic, but I have to go through the others to see which ones flatter and which do no favours before posting. Found out when I got home that after offering to review the place for weeks, my boss is like 'yeah, go ahead'. Luckily, I woke up with a pristine recall of the place and the events because I took it easy on the tropical poisons. Also, my dad did a flight here yesterday so I tried to make everyone happy by agreeing to meet him for dinner near the venue. We had some great thai food around the corner, while Becks phoned asking where I was. My dad dropped me off at the venue, which I told him I was working doing a review on, hugged, kissed, got a few bills off him, then ran to the bathroom stalls to dig out all manner of beaded necklaces, face paint, tribal gear and knifes to adorn myself in, not to mention a bright orange hula skirt. Then the girls (Becks and Fi) and I had a night of chanting and boozing and just being plain awesome, while two chicks performed jungle burlesque for us on stage.

I'm really pissed because I can't find any tickets to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's gig on the 25th, which is something I dubbed an event not to be missed before leaving London forever and ever in two months. My only other option is to buy a one day pass to the Camden Crawl. They're playing the friday. But, over 30 quid? And that doesn't account for all the boozing Becks and I will have to do just fucking waiting for Karen O to show up and spit up bottled water on us.

*sigh* They will always be on my playlists. I've come to accept that. And Karen O is possibly THE best dressed woman in New York. I don't want to argue that because it's very likely I would have to retract that statement, but she's definitely up there for me. They won't let me post it but just wanted to say, on a side note, how awesome the styling in their new video 'Zero' is. The song will have to grow on me. Think I prefer the old YYY. And one other thing, I don't know what everybody in the blogosphere's obsession is with The Kills but I actually don't care for them. They're just a retarded spin off of the YYY's. There, I said it.

One of my fav. songs from them...

Apart from The Kills, I also hate it how everyone I know is flying off to California this month. There, I said it pt. 2.

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