Tuesday, November 17, 2009


How 'lush' (as you brits say) is this light fixture?!? Designer Winnie Lui is literally swimming through my head! I must have this full stop

hearing the best things on Reality Hell right now, like 'Put some jingle in those balls!' (just making a note of it here so I can remember).


Sy said...

so. back home. still buzzing. don't worry, we weren't talking about you! nuh uh not at all like for realzzzz. Nov 24-Dec 7 i'm in UK!!!!

Sy said...

Genna is engaged now!! and apparently, according, to Maps & Atlases, Every Place is a House. (good song)

Kara said...

Um Sy, I would say drunk rather than buzzed! lol wtf are these comments haha! thats sooo cool about genna thoooo wow! To that same guy? UMMM his name begins with A....I can't remember...but the same bf she had for a while rite? Hope so...that's sweet. Will check out that song, thanks.

PS Hope u and Panda had fun. I'm glad u guys r still hanging out, really. He's a great guy and I hope to still be best friends with him. x

Sy said...

(after these comments I started to throw up.)

but yeah I had a really good time last night. Yep, Gen's engaged to Amrit. Will be seeing them next week cuz they're also UK bound (my bro too.)