Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So by chance last week I went to the salon next door and got my nails done, something I never do, but decided to on a whim because I just snagged a sick pale, minty green nail colour I'm going to call Chanel Green (and because we get discounts there as my dad's airline staff). And while there, I picked up some magazine or other and found the most exciting article on these crazy Ukranian chicks shredding up the forest as part of this 150 strong tribe devoted to mastery in martial arts, boxing and duelling with medieval weapons. They're reviving ancient Amazonian tribal traditions, as well as seeking complete autonomy from men . They call themselves the 'Asgarda' and idolize Yulia Tymoshenko, the icon of the Orange Revolution and leader of the Ukrainian Fatherland party.

As bizarre as this all sounds, I can't help but be drawn to these kids and so wish I could get some disciplinary training myself up in the Carpathian Mountains (and why the hell not, as there are no longer men in my life). In addition to this, I've always had an inclination toward daggers/swords/sharp objects since I was about 13 (yes, including knife play fantasies - you know me so well) and have always wanted to learn to floor someone while wielding a fucking...scythe or something (boobs hanging out et al) - as much as the tough-sexy-girl-with-weapon act has been beaten to death by Hollywood, I still find it so appealing.

Anyway, here are some stunning photos of the girls taken by French photographer Guillaume Herbaut when he went to visit them in 2004.

Literally too cool for school (AND for fashion, what with the less than partly shaved heads!)...Taking this article in to incorporate into my lesson plan tomorrow, as well as this - because 75% of my class is burka clad.

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