Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey guys, congratulations to you rare few who witnessed my breakdown the other day in a post which I've deleted as promised. All apologies, and thanks for the support. It was never my intention to tarnish my blog with crap like that, and as much as depression is the only thing governing my life right now, I won't let it happen on my watch. Honestly, I'd like to shut this whole thing down now. I'm beyond I'm beyond a lot of things, including training bras, good skin, love and relationships - I just don't really want to be around or get too close to anyone or anything anymore. BUT I have a thing going with other blogs so I can't exactly just up and leave; at least not without notice. But if I continue at this rate, my feelings will be all over this thing like butter on toast and no one's gonna like the final product (and that would suck since a lot of people have started following me recently - hi, and sorry you came at such a bad time). So I'm going to take a couple of days to think about what I want to do about A Dirty Word. Maybe I'll start another blog and not tell anyone about it and see who shows up. But maybe I'll miss you fuckers to bits, recapture my thrown and continue my bullshit a refreshed person. No clue at this stage - it's all a blur. So, yeah I've brought bad news but hey, at least it's the weekend. Have a good one. x


hjgodwin said...


i'm having a baby in May!


& you have to keep a dirty word & you have to keep it dirty.

Sy said...

yeah...what kinda person just DELETES an entire blog? ugh...
make sure to export it first!