Thursday, November 26, 2009


Okay, I have a minute to spare before frantic movements to prepare for an impromptu flight to Trinidad via New York tonight; not to mention I just got my foot in the door with some publishing agents in London and have to get cracking on some proper fictional presentations now, along with the Skin Two feature I am still breaking my back to finish. But apart from shamelessly praising myself on those (but this IS a blog about me, hence justified), I wanted to feel like a shiny shilling for a minute over all the comments I am gathering on my posts over at Bitching and Junkfood (who is selling B&J duct tape now? - sexiest idea ever maybe?). I also thought you might want a link to my latest entry on Daphne Guinness; something I've been dying to post about for a while...

Also, they're offering a 15% discount to newbies signing up for their newsletter, so maybe you might wanna do that so you could get further ahead than me on these purchases (which I am still trying to find the money for). And they are constantly updating the site with more mesmerizing shit that it just pains me to watch. So clickity click, motherfucker!

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