Monday, November 16, 2009


Um, so this is new. To my fellow readers, I am aware that you expect certain standards from me and this breaks most of them but I've been worrying over this post for ages, and as the song says, it's time to face up to your fears.

Okay, so Rihanna has always been on my background radar but for different reasons and now it seems I have something that we can probably validly call an obsession. Maybe. Okay, yes. Every time 'Run This Town' comes on MTV, my brother never fails to point out that the Illuminati is taking over the music industry and that Rihanna (and her new-found dark aesthetic) has recently become a brainwashed member of it. He says (and others have preached this to me before, for reasons I have no clue!) that Jay-Z (and Madonna) particularly have sold their souls to the devil in return for fame and success and that is why they keep sky-rocketing in their careers, and he says that Rihanna, her black lipstick, her SM costumes and her shaved head have become recent recruits. He says this is also what Tupac was running from, and it's evident in his lyrics. Rapper Omarion has even made speculations, among others. This may very well be true but...this appears to be the only reason I click to visit at least 3 times a week now, cuz umm...her new evil stylist Mariel Haenn has her lookin' off the chain! I mean, I've always been a recruit for the dark side of fashion and seeing a black Caribbean "icon" portray that a little more than semi-successfully means I'm basically taking notes.

Now to elaborate on the song and her new music (her songs have Slash solos now?!) - well, I hate pretty much everything else she's sung (and that's purely personal taste, might I add for those friends back home who think I am just a hater - I was, now I'm not)but this song has just stuck for the last week (and I was listening to it way before it aired; it leaked). I just feel like since she's 'shaken hands with Satan' we're much closer to each other now, somehow. Yes, you interpreted that the wrong way - I'm not a satanist, maybe a dark aesthete but the closest I've come to the devil is a Dimmu Borgir or Satyricon album, or maybe The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Anyway, my point is I completely GET these lyrics and they've sort of become branded on my chest - it's exactly the way I feel right now in my life. There are decisions I have to make and things I have to cut loose from and it's scary as fuck. And it's kind of been helping me toughen up. Maybe facing up to your fears and becoming successful, happy and invincible now correlates with being evil. Basically, I'm cool with that.
But then, my sister doesn't listen to her either and we're both belting out this song, and my mother was caught copying Rih's dancing and middle fingering in the 'Run This Town' video, to the absolute Satan-fearing horror of my theory obsessed brother - maybe it is subliminal messaging. Oh well. To conclude, Mariel Haenn is doing a good job and I shamelessly like this song. Again, sorry for posting this.

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