Sunday, November 15, 2009


SOOO HAPPY to have found my camera's battery charger cable. I died on 74 trillion occasions not having my camera these last couple weeks, I swear. Also discovered most parts of Abu Dhabi in my search to find a new cable. They ended up telling me to call some random number in Sharjah (a whole other emirate/state) and they MIGHT have it and could POSSIBLY deliver it to me. It's amazing how all the workers here are so confident they know what they're talking about. They sent me to all these amazing places searching in vain. At the end of the day, while unpacking my summer suitcases the other night, I found the cable tangled up in the cord for my GHD hair straightener - I thought it was part of it. Yeah...I did that...

So anyways, some photos I found on my camera that I've been reminiscing over (no, no sobby ex-boyfriend memories, in case you were worried). London/Beijing/Trinidad/Dubai/Abu Dhabi.

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