Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sorry, dudes. I needed those 4 days off. I'm feeling much better about everything after de-activating my twitter and facebook accounts (so no, you weren't deleted from my list) and spending time with myself just having a blast shopping and writing and sleeping and reading...and job-hunting, and this little song/memory from Sesame Street has just contributed to that. Okay, so the latest and greatest...

Looking...shiny and new; I've been slowly giving myself a re-vamp
Reading...The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami; Elle (it took me this long to realise that Elle totally dominates Vogue - no offense - and I'd still love a job at Vogue, please!)
Living...the life
Working...same shit, but with tons of new ideas/projects in mind, which are kinda really fucking exciting
Listening to...Bowie!
Drinking...Chai tea lattes or watermelon juice, most likely
Watching...if I could, I would probably be watching Chungking Express or Pepi, Luci y Bom or Vicky, Christina, Barcelona - some of my faves
Smelling of...CK One and Nivea Creme
Eating...Haven't touched a single carb for 2.5 days now...which leaves room for not much else really..
Dreaming of...fuck dreams
Wearing...leather, (fake) fur, copious rings, black, black, gold, grey, black...and now that I found my camera cable, lots and lots of pictures will be taken, I promise
Walking in...bare-footed
Singing...Sesame Street songs and Britney not eat carbs, to not spend money on Bebe's abso kinkified boots, to not sleep so much, to live in my inspirations
Wanting...a glass of rouge, then a few more, then a cup of Earl Grey

Yeah, this is a pretty boring post but I'll have new stuff up soon enough. Go read a newspaper.


Heather Taylor said...

I love you for putting up this video, it brought back some serious memories!

xoxo Heather

Kara said...

:) thanks. was beginning to think this post was pathetic. glad u like, and thanks for following! x