Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Cool shit on Cobra (whose show was this?), nothing new; been working. Finished Fear and Loathing on the train home today. Yeah, great, major narcotics exhibition. But I'm feeling the 'Gonzo' style of writing (like, for real, what the hell was Gonzo anyways? Most of his friends were pretty identifiable - frog, pig, falcon, French homosexual chef...). Anyways, that's pretty much how I like to do my writing - fact battling it out with fiction in the same ring. Speaking of writing, I am working on some cool shit at the moment, so watch this space.

Went to visit a friend out here I haven't seen in like a whole year. FINALLY! It wasn't only a necessity to visit because she had a suitcase and burberry bag of my stuff under her bed since last summer, but also because she was like my first ever real friend out here (if you don't count virginity stealers cum boyfriends like Panda). I bought Cava and tiramisu and bitched and nagged and she cooked me a wicked salmon dinner, and I wish I could've stayed the night as we'd planned but I had work the next day. I think it's so funny finally getting my hands on my shit, excitedly clawing through it and reminiscing, then having to sell it all a month later. Anyways, thank fuck anyways, because in it was my hairdryer, all this great DIY arts and crafts stuff I am going to need next month, an amazing gold dress I will probably wear to our uni's summer ball (yeah, my friends won't let me skip this because I'm already ditching graduation), and this awesome silver miniature shopping cart I bought in Camden way back (I shall be selling this too!).

I'm hungry.

Work again tomorrow, and then may meet Mistress Ivy to kick off our one-on-one yoga sessions. I will probably just spend the night at hers as well because I've got to go pester the campus clinic for more 'fuck me, it's safe' pills, and also to hole myself up in the lrc for a bit to remind myself that I have major university work due on May 1st, despite the fact that if I left Uni now and never graduated, I would be fine because my career's pretty much started. Wish I were that rebellious academically, but alas, no. Been an honour student all my life (except for that time...but yeah, it's not my fault depression back-handed me just then, plus I just needed to NOT be studying at an all girl's convent with no arts on their curriculum - cue see Kara writing short stories in the pews of the main hall while skipping O'level Chemistry - true).

What the FUCK am I wearing to work today?! I'M SO HUNGRY, OH MY GOD.


Anonymous said...

Uh, I don't always spend my time recommending books to strangers on the internet, but you seem passionate enough about reading that you won't think it's weird, so...

if you liked Fear and Loathing, I'd recommend The Rum Diaries, which is also brilliant. His book about the Hells Angels is also a personal favourite of mine.

Kara said...

lol yeah. totally welcoming it, don't worry. and yeah, i made a mental note abt those two next. i think they mentioned checking out rum diaries in one of our Creative Writing course modules once...

thanks! x