Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I've been talking to Jesse. She's hilarious. Obviously it didn't take me long to get in on the retro sticker action and obsession after that, and I have been trawling the www for the last hour with this in mind. She says she's gonna give me a tour of her L.A. when I come this summer because she claims there's all these babes all over the place and I didn't see any last year.

Apart from that, I neglected my work and went out last night with Becks, her bf and some theatre actor friends. We went to this grungy hipster pub behind god's back called The Coconut (spelt 'The Cocoanut' on the sign, though). Lots of Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the sound system. It was cool. We bought the last bottle of red wine, and the minute we started unscrewin' Pinot Grigio I knew it was time to leave. Like..yuck? When they started being ridic and ringing the 'last call' bell at five minutes to 12, we decided we didn't wanna go home and the only place open in Kingston at the time was this typical rainbow gay bar. We got wild 'n' out to some Britney. I got pleasantly drunk and the crew somehow (well we know how) managed to convince me to speak to some staff and say I was reviewing the place and that we wanted to see their VIP lounge. We were escorted to this suave sort of 'Miami Vice' themed room, intact with some awesome cock-infested mags and a bed and everything. They left us there for a while. We danced around and had a flick through some mags, then left 5 minutes later with a straight-faced 'thank you' and a professional nod of the head. It was empty anyway. Gays don't do private, don't they know that? Spent the night in Kingston, woke up at 8am, snuck out, bought some Starbucks and got the bus home.

I've been thinking about having a big yard sale thingie to get rid of all my shit so I don't have to ship. I mentioned this to Becks last night and we decided to collaborate on a big selling fest of our fabulous shit...take your money for tattoos and trips to California (she might be coming too!). If you're in London, get in on it if you want. It'll be in late May sometime, we don't know where or nothing, but we want to make it a big deal, like with spiked Lemonade and face painting and sun and grass and shit. Should be good.

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