Thursday, April 23, 2009


So some guy messaged me on Facebook and is like 'New blog post please!' Well, hmph!

Well my boss was kind enough to hand over some press passes to some fashion events this week because she noticed I'm one of the only few people in the office to make more than just an effort in the morning (also I told her I needed to split by the end of the month) so Tuesday was spent trying to calm my upchuck reflexes while sitting front row of Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields. No offense to the student designers, but you've really gone and hit a new world record in vilifying the name of fashion. Okay, so offense. But I feel it better to let you know that now, rather than later, is a great time to drop the bolts of fabric, spit the pins from your mouth, and see if it's not too late to apply for a degree in....accounting or something for the 2009-2010 academic year. It actually may have hurt my heart (and the hearts of most present, minus those whistling at their trashy friends 'modelling') less if you had indulged in a shopping spree at Primark, then signed your initials in glitter/faeces/blood/hard bowtie pasta at the bottom of each piece. Sorry, really, sorry. I know, if someone slagged me that bad about my writing, I might feel entitled to hang my bare ass out of my window and deliver a big dirty baby on their foreheads as they passed by on their lunch break to Noodle King. But people who tell the truth are your best friends.

And then when I got home at 4, my boss is like 'I don't wanna miss the football match tonight. Anyone wanna take up a last minute review gig for an exclusive club in Mayfair? You'll get free entry for you and friend, free drinks and regular pay'. Of course, the catch is that it's due on Thursday morning. I'm tired as fuck, but life is a hustle and I could do with a drink. I call Becks and it doesn't take long to get her to accept, even though she's been rotting in the library all evening. She meets me in Mayfair, heavy laptop bag and all and the cousins do Mayfair. It was fun, but had to leave after 2 hours because I had work the next day, which was representing the mag at this Ethical Fashion Press Event in Covent Garden - smile, say a bunch of 'wow!'s and 'oh really?'s, accept cards, give cards, give magazines, thank profusely, accept goodie bag, rifle around in goodie bag on tube and be pleased - that sort of thing.

And when I got home from that (because I am getting this odd adrenaline rush from working too much) I decided to go review another bar in the area. I ate dinner there with a few glasses of wine while I made notes on the place, and watched on as Quiz Night took place. I love this pub! There's like nothing wrong with it. I had the simplest vegetarian dish, and they made my mushrooms taste like...fuckin' bacon. No, they tasted like.. a reason to order another one, with one on the side in a bag to take away. I didn't do that though, to my own chagrin. When the review's up I'll link you to it.

So that's been the story. I'm not in the office on Thursdays so today I just caught up on my Developing the Novel coursework portfolio, due next week Friday. Tomorrow's another work day.

Oh, and if you see me before it hits, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ASK ME IF I AM ATTENDING THE CAMDEN CRAWL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Urgh, I hate alternative fashion week. That is all.