Wednesday, April 15, 2009


bored. bored. bored. and might I add, to tears!

And yet I still picked it up after work today. I needed something in my hands. Tube journeys longer than an hour can be vicious, you know?

And now War is like 'oh we're broke as jokes so we're moving from a bi-monthly to a quarterly; have your say. what do you think?' WHAT DO I THINK?! Don't give me a survey; give me a magazine (yes, pdf's are fine until you get a firm footing). I like you! I want to write for you and make money off of you! We were going to be a team! We were going to knock those botox bitch monthlies out of the park! Why'd you do it? You show up with all this hedonistic glossy glory, all tempting me and shit, and you got all up in there. And now it's're like...pulling out at the wrong time, yuh know? 3 times a year? Gosh damn!

In that case, I'm beyond happy that this came in the mail for me today.

Also, I was going to surprise my friend with the first ever copy of the Love mag because she had been having a 'desperately seeking' moment with it and was in shambles at the fact that SOME PEOPLE are privileged enough to have free copies shipped to them by Conde Nast crew (check my friend's comments to see who lol), but I found out that she got one today anyway so I will be selling that as well next month in case you missed out on it and want to start a collection. It's an awfully good mag (Pam Hogg, Iggy Pop, gorgeous malnourished punk kid models in Rob London skin tight catsuits et al). I can't be assed to start collecting it yearly because I'll be all over the world once June hits (yeah, I know, that sounded very asshole-ish but it's only the truth - L.A., Abu Dhabi and Trinidad..possibly NY along the way).

Just came back from a nibble with Mistress Ivy. This is a munch. So you can guess what a nibble is...Very nice bunch. Is anyone going to the Crimson launch?

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