Sunday, April 5, 2009


Back on the brain after the Hoodoo Voodoo party on Thursday at South London Pacific. It's this fantastic authentic tiki bar in Kennington, and my trinidadian folks will be happy to know that we were well represented - Angostura Bitters splashing in everybody's tropical poisons along the bar, not to mention we had a Mai Tai named after us on the menu. I decided not to put up anymore pictures from that night though, because I'm ugly.

Anyway, many a day of skipping school resulted in me sitting cocooned in blankets with a fake fever watching Gilligan's Island and eating sickeningly sweet porridge made by our crazy housekeeper Christine. After I graduate and settle down in my first adult home, I'd like to start up a sick DVD collection. I swear, this show is so ingrained in my childhood, I'd buy the complete DVD series at that price.

Other childhood shows:
Bucky O'Hare
My Little Ponies
Fish Police
Space Rangers
old school Batman (which came on on Sunday mornings, and with pancakes whipped up beforehand, my mom would join us watching it - that good
Maxi's World
Captain Planet
Power Rangers
Ghost Writer
Fraggle Rock
School House Rock
Xena: Warrior Princess
Young Hercules (and Hercules)
Mr. Bean
Japan Video Topic (I remember tapping my foot waiting for our driver to pick us up from school just so I could catch this at 3pm - yeah, my obsession with Asia starts from way back, which will explain the next show...)
Aum Namah Shivaya
....I'll stop here.

I'm having a pleasant weekend with myself, just thinking back to the times when life used to be a lot less complicated; when I was too weird looking to have a boyfriend so I wasn't having mood-crippling fights with one; when money wasn't an issue and I didn't have to hustle around London with a bad cold; when adulthood was light years away and the only thing in the future that I was worrying about was going to school and getting bullied by the boy I was in love with, or wondering if Christine, the house-keeper was going to surprise us with fried bakes today or if she was in one of her bitchy moods; back when my cousin Becks was this big spectacle to me, all white and with a weird accent, who flew down from England and said she was my cousin, and taught me what 'mooning' someone was, and who manned a muddy clubhouse with me on the corner of our vast garden, then battled me in Trivial Pursuit when it got too dark, and lent me Terry Pratchett books. I'm ready to graduate, but nothing can replace that stuff...

What are you afraid of right now?:
Relationships - I've never been in one so heavy, so deep, so long, and I've fallen so hard for this guy that I'm becoming more and more afraid the closer we get. He now has the power to make and break me. If this doesn't work, then it's the end of me. I can just feel the ultimate-ness of it all. It's scary as fuck.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't broadcasted my blog to the people I know. Sometimes it's just so much easier to spill my guts to strangers. Why is that?

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