Monday, April 20, 2009


[Alexander Wang; Velour]

And they lived happily ever after, the end. Dressing up and dressing down, courtesy Oak. What more does one need this summer but a cold Corona in hand? Oh, shoes? No worriesssss...I don't mind pairing these with the Wang dress, but I'd keep a pair of these sluts handy, and there's no better option than a pair of Vans with the plaid (sorry, you're gonna have to give me a hot minute to get over plaid - it just fits too perfectly into my lifestyle). Maybe you can add some skinnies to the plaid but you don't have to. You know, keep it breezy in the heazy. (oh my god...)

So, I usually have more to say about my life, huh? Well, my obsession with internet banking has finally done me wrong, and I found a nice BIG (or should I say small) surprise in my checkings yesterday, which resulted in retreating to the covers in holey t-shirts rather than to the clubs in holy heels...among other distressing matters. Your girl is at a definite low, but not an unfamiliar one. It's like I know I'm not in Kansas anymore, but I just can't place...the exact new's at the tip of my tongue, but then again, so is the F-word. Fuck location. All I know is it ain't L.A. But long story short, I'm laying low and being good for now. Be back on toppa soon.

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