Thursday, April 23, 2009


She made a website specifically for that. And you can click on 'Buy'. I would've but my bank says stay clear of words like that until May. Best marketing ever. Never even heard of homegirl and never wanted to get my hands on any book more.

Oh, there's more where that came from. Let me link you to the next image. She's funny. Check it out. And I'm afraid I'm so ill-informed and tragically behind on cool Miranda July-esque trends so the tour information featured is long past. I repeat, DO NOT SHOW UP AT THE SERPENTINE ON THE 4TH of JUNE AS I WAS THINKING OF DOING A STUPID MILLISECOND AGO!

However, DO visit her website and tell me you hate her for having the sickest website entry page in life!

I am now going to read the London Paper until the all-clear in May. Still waiting for my Adulterers Anonymous book in the post too...

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Rebecca said...

That's so beautiful!