Saturday, May 2, 2009


So if I wasn't tired of my friends and family bitching about my no-show antics for graduation in July, I wouldn't be attending this event. How embarassing...

I mean, Sugababes? Yeah. I'll be 'making an appearance' at our summer ball this year with its exorbitant 50 quid tickets. Lucky for me, I don't have to spend a penny more on wardrobe for it as when I got back a suitcase of my stuff from a friend's a couple weeks ago I found an old dress stuffed in it that I bought at an Oasis sale years back when I hadn't yet banned myself from West End shopping. A lot's changed since first year. Now I have to ban myself from East end shopping. Anyways, a little help?


WHICH SHOES? (And no Becks; a $75 shoe from Macy's and a £12 one from Primark are not the same thing despite slight similarities. VERY slight.)
*might change the head gear for a top hat because le Vampyre said he's gonna wear his.
* fuck, I can't believe I posted this. I am soo playful and shit right now and am putting wayyy too much effort into this. I think it's because I plan to leave the country the week after and this has kind of taken over as my graduation ceremony. Cut me some slack. I'm not crying.

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