Sunday, May 10, 2009


mmeeehhhhhhh....death take meeee. Worked last night. Don't drink and review. And more importantly, if you're planning a quick in and out operation because you look like shit and don't feel like going out, don't offer to do a review of a bar where your friend is manager.

Slug and Lettuce in Fulham is shit full stop
Suburban in Fulham does really good cocktails. I had a Tiramisu martini, bitch! When you go there, give my friend Tony with the nice curly black hair a hug and say I said hi. Take good care of him. Does anyone want my job? I'm sending in my notice this week.

Still pissing flourescent, still sitting in halls, still watching Weeds. Was supposed to be interviewing some graffiti artists today but they cancelled because they had the flu and I'm glad they informed me because we don't know what kind of flu they be talkin' bout. Mistress Ivy just texted me. She booked her ticket! Abu Dhabi better strap on its combat boots. Oh June, you smell so lush. I hate that word 'lush' that you british people say.

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