Friday, May 22, 2009


Maybe I have a skewed view of the world but these are two pretty things I found on The Selby this morning at 9AM. I'm really looking forward to the day I rake in enough to have my own place, and just get it fitted with the most hideous pretty things. Like, OMG, who is the artist for above left??

Yes, I have noticed the change around here. There is a lack of fashion lately and more of an emphasis on my life. That's good. I'm so relieved. I like that.

Panda and I nearly broke up last night. I'm trying to wonder what I'll do with my saved lumpsome if that happens. No, I actually won't go shopping. I'm sick of shopping. It makes me want to vomit. After I clear out all this stuff and leave here, I'm never turning back. Minimalist, expensive (I also welcome cheap) and timeless once-in-a-lifetime pieces, black, white, grey, silver, gold, purple. C'est tout.

I found this really cool very very part time job on Craigslist the other day while browsing options for more money while in L.A.. Typing for this film director while he dictates a script. 2 hours a day. $11 an hour. I did't apply for it though. Everything's set in my head but it's all just still so uncertain on the outside. California's there, the money's there, the ticket isn't. My dad, who's gonna get me the 90% discounted ticket, is off doing Alaska and his wife on some cruise. He says when I get there (Abu Dhabi) in June, we'll talk about it. I don't really know what there is left to talk about after two years of supplying me with tickets to see the same guy. Yes, I sleep on the same bed as him. Even the relationship's there in my head..but is it really? I don't know what's going on but it doesn't feel good. And it's not a hangover, so WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?!

After we got our college photo taken and knocked back as many disgusting free glasses of champagne as possible in an hour (7 - I think more could be had in an hour but it was that bad), we walked over to this small classroom for a fiction/poetry/performance art reading that some friends of mine were hosting and taking part in. Good bunch. Le Vampyre bought me a pint of Snakebite and I got a couple of my books sold. Heading to the doctor this morning to present them with my food diary logged over the last 3 weeks and another cup of piss. Don't really feel like it's the best day to hear that I'm killing myself but I never liked Fridays anyway.

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