Saturday, October 10, 2009


waking up with Kara. My favourite painting; something I found in my room one holiday away from Uni. I have no idea who the artist is and can't read his/her scratches. My mother said it sort of looks like me, what with the constant pout and promises of a jutting chin. Yes, sometimes I wear my hair long and straight and actually look something like that, I admit, except more brown in complexion.

Here are the latest and greatest:

Looking... tattered as per usual: sleep mask atop head, big grey hoodie and slacks; but it's only noon.
Reading... Now don't laugh, but I lost my virginity to Haruki Murakami last night. I trotted over to Magrudy's to buy a few books to last me through this month's dry spell while I search for jobs (won't tell you what else I bought as very unbecoming). Anyway, there were only a few of his titles in store so I picked up the one with a cover photo I recognised as done by Nobuyoshi Araki. It's called After Dark and I am thorouhly hypnotized. I found myself waking again 'after dark' to continue reading it so I can feel closer to the scene. He writes those simple stories that I like to write, just like my other favourite Hanif Kureishi. It's so simple though, it's like seeing a smooth stone slide past the still surface of a pond; not a spectacular occurrence but yet still causing impact and ripples and dreamy things in my brain. Plus any story about sleepless, beautiful people haunting the darkest hours of the night, and listlessly telling of what and who they encounter is bliss between book covers for me. my parents'. for now. Hey, I'm totally entitled to that at age 20. I'll be on my way soon. A Dirty Word; I'm freelance so same ole same ole, finishing up an article for Skin Two still, while plotting several smaller ones to pitch out soon.
Listening to...I can't tell you. At least not yet. I've proposed a review of it to someone. When it gets rejected, you'll be the first to know. But all I'll say is I had the greatest most happy, atmospheric, adventuristic time listening to it while walking backwards on an incline on the treadmill yesterday.
Drinking...meticulously made Milo with a few splashes of Bailey's around 5am
30 Rock; but only out of curiosity, what with all those Emmy wins a month ago.
Smelling of...damask rose; still all hung up on rose-infused products; room sprays, cold creams, toners...smells like a crone-heavy tea party up in here.
Eating...seriously the best hummous from this outlet in the nearby mall's food court called Beirut
Dreaming I've been brainstorming, pitching and writing articles in my dreams. Can you imagine how much it sucks to wake up and still have nothing done or published?
Wearing...Well, I WISH I was wearing this
Walking in... and WISH I was walking in these.
Singing... truthfully nothing. not let those stupid antiperspirant deoderant/breast cancer rumours bother me. In the same shopping trip I made yesterday for antiperspirant, I also bought a copy of Emirates Woman magazine, who later told me to drop the roll-on.
Wanting...a job. Some things may happen this coming week. Wish me luck.

*and yes, clearly I have not been in a mood to put headers on my posts. Lyrical headers are currently on hiatus until I decide what to do about them (are they so Two Thousand and Late? Because I'm starting to get bored)

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