Thursday, October 22, 2009


So the lyrical headers are back, and so am I. I've been working non-stop this whole week so that should explain my lack of posts. I apologize. But today was a good day. I did only things that I fancied doing, smiled, sat and spent my own hard-earned money at my own leisure on frivolous little things that made me happy for an hour. And now, instead of spiraling into my usual sleepy 10 o'clock depression over what crisp shirt to wear, lesson plans and disgustingly early mornings, I am celebrating the nonthingness of tonight's schedule by nursing the blog and a glass of red. Before that, I ate salmon sashimi for dinner over some fiction, and before that I rented a bike for an hour and rode along the glittery water-front while listening to:

Regarding The XX's new/debut(?) album - not feeling it, which is a shame because the first time I saw them years back at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, I was musical putty and instantly wanted to have a three-way snog session with both vocalists (particularly Romy) (not that three-way snogging is remotely sexy/fun). I must've spent at least 3 odd posts raving about them on my old blog - they were that good. And I personally think the new album is missing their whole point completely, if I can even claim to know their point to begin with, but I think I can). And yet, it is one of those bands I just can't shake for the life of me, and so I am sure that if I DO go back to London before year end as intended, I will no doubt find myself awkwardly close to the stage ogling them once more (and this makes me want to curse).

It took me a really long time to write this post. I remember opening it talking about how lovely my day was, just fucking around in my own little world. To conclude, however, all I really have to say is that I feel pathetic and irrelevant, especially since my sister and her friends (who are at a party) just called and asked if I could cover for one of the girls if her father calls by saying I am on an overseas call so dial another number to find her.

Also the scanner isn't co-operating tonight so I can't do my next post.

And why is Dubai Fashion Week an invitation only event?

And why am I in possession of all this money with no one to spend it on/with?

Okay. Sorry. Leaving.

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