Friday, October 2, 2009


Panda still hasn't offered to marry me so, not only is today the day I leave Los Angeles, but it's also the day of Kill City's launch party for their collaboration with I-shit-you-not Brian Lichtenberg!! Lauren, who works at the Melrose store, told me about it ages back so I already died 9 times over my loss. I just thought it would be nice to leave you trendy LA-ists with a little Friday evening gift (so you can't say I'm a bitch for all the flaunting I do about getting free shit from them). Anyways, here are the deets:

Today's been crazy. Panda and I shopped for secondhand furniture for his new place, he took some shots of me for Kill City, I panicked and packed, stocked up on septum piercing jewelry, and we gorged ourselves on sushi. We just came back from watching The Surrogates for kicks, then snuck into the midnight showing of Zombieland (also for kicks, and also where I started to cry over having to leave him). Now we have the luxury of sleeping for 4 hours before we rent a van, pack it with his shit and move it to his new place, have sex, cry and say goodbyes at Terminal 'Long-Distance-Blows'.

I'm also arriving the day after this huge bash my mom's been planning since before I left for L.A.. The only thing I CAN say I won't be missing is Dubai and Abu Dhabi Fashion Week and my brother's birthday on the 4th. Seriously different adventures to come soon at A Dirty Word. See you soon in a different time zone (isn't it always?).

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