Wednesday, October 7, 2009


You know you're in Abu Dhabi/Dubai when the view from your room looks like this:

Anyways, so after 2 extra days stay in LA because of over-booked flights, I've finally made it back to the Emirates (but for how long? As a stint in London is now on the brain - I think this is the start of something that will never end, this moving around business).

But California was something else this time around and I've got a small but promising pile of material pleasures to show you and a mountainous stack of memories and crazy times to entertain myself with in bed while scarfing down proper hummous - work as an extra in an independent film, partying it up at places Lindsay Lohan was spotted shamelessly taking her little sister *smirk*, covering kinky medical fetish nights with hot girls in latex administering saline injections, touring dungeons, seeing and meeting one of my favourite authors on tour, conforming to twitter, having 'whatever happens in Vegas...' moments that didn't actually STAY in Vegas, apartment hunting and shopping with boyfriends, both fantastic and embarassing blog associations leaving me with awesome free clothes or nail-biting and blog archive reviewing, and shitloads more spent with lots of new and old friends and of course, my Panda.

Speaking of Panda (who I obviously miss to shreds already), this stuffed animal I've come to sleeping with over here that my brother gave me one christmas looks curiously like Panda.

I know. Panda looks like a penguin. I know Part 2 - call me racist, but this is my boyfriend - the slanted eyes, the beak that looks like his plump lips and the hair. I cuddled it a little too closely last night (while he spooned a pillow, he said). He's been begging me to take a pic of it for ages. Anyway, I'll stick to Panda around these parts to banish any confusion.

Yes, we are that pathetic, and loving it.

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Unknown said...

Hi Kara,

You popped up on my tweetdeck cuz of abu dhabi...I manage marketing at Dubizzle and I was reading some of your writing...very cool and refreshing for these parts...btw we are rewarding writers for posting reviews on our Abu Dhabi site right now....up to 1000 AED...if you go out there anyways all you have to do is write about the venues you went to and you get me if you're could add it to your other places I've written thingy...