Saturday, October 17, 2009


SHUBH DIVALI, GUYS! (Divali is the Hindu festival of light over darkness and good over evil and it's awesome and it's always been a part of my childhood). I went SCOURING THE EARTH for the little clay pots they put oil and wicks in and light at night (deyas) and a handful of my favourite Indian sweets. Found neither, but I sampled some new sweets today and am on a major sugar rush. It is a good day.

I also went shopping with my mum. I swear, no one else trumps shopping with my mum. She totally gets it (or rather, I get it from her?) We were looking at these chains and necklaces in this stuffy little Indian store and trying them on our heads. The store employee informed us they were not head bands ("we know. it's ok"). Then I picked out a couple great minty green beaded necklaces, which turned out to be, the store employee informed us, muslim prayer beads. He was a little worried after that, but we left very happy kids.

Also, you'll die over the new handbag I found in the crevice of a sweaty little tailor's shop today, but for now, I'm going to have to just leave you with my new Kill City 100 shot (it should go up on the Kill City 100 website soon, I think) because my camera has just died spectacularly on me. These are my 2 favourites (there's always only ever like 1 or 2 good shots of me out of a trillion appalling ones). Anyways, Panda is an awesome, patient photographer who tolerates my absolute un-model-like behaviour in front of the lens (I pretty much play dead in every shot because posing is embarassing as fuck). Can I just say, most comfortable skinnies ever!? And the jacket is so much more sexy in person than in any pic here or on their website. I got it for Panda and have a hard time deciding whether I want to leave it on him forever or seductively rip it off (or wear it myself!).

Which face is less ugly? Anyway, doesn't matter, already sent in the 1st one (but we can choose for my right column?) Okay. I've had a really interesting, busy week and I want to make good use of the remaining hours of my weekend. Scamper off and do the same.


Anonymous said...

I definately like picture one the best, although I like the "Bitch, please." vibe of your expression in both.

Kara said...

haha thanks babe!