Saturday, July 18, 2009


Okay, as much as I'd love to promise to post with regularity, I am just having too fucking good a time for that to happen. EVEN BETTER, X IS IN CALIFORNIA! The only two questions I have are...where's Costa Mesa, and how do I get there? Hmmm. To be continued...

Otherwise, I'm seeing Lacuna Coil! (a sick Italian gothic metal band that's been on my playlist since I was like 15 - yeah, to me that's a long time)

Otherwise, Panda's been AWOL staying in the Valley while I'm at home as he's doing a 5 day film-stint so his housemate F and my friend Sebastian have been babysitting me. After my foreign ID got turned down at Cinespace (which looked fuckin' scarce neways), we ended up at Spaceland. Cool venue. I love how it's all up in some residential area and conveniently neighbour to a 7 Eleven. It's cool cuz there are satellite dishes turned upside down and hanging from the ceiling and it bounces back everything that people are saying from across the room. Be careful. Some girl was really trash-talking on the opposite couch.

But the band was sick. A bunch of adorable red-heads trading instruments every 5 minutes. Sort of folky American roots stuff and audience members banging pots and things. They were selling these really cute hand-painted tambourines as well for $5 that I really wanted to buy and keep as CA junk memorabilia but I've already peaked my weekly budget in 2 days. Figured. I also phenomenally suck at pool.

(for the record, Sebastian, they moved to Portland from Alaska)

I'm taking two buses to Little Tokyo today. Sebastian's babysitting me again...and probably praying that my ID works for the thingie we're meant to be going to tonight that's like an hour away on the bus. I'm praying too. Either way, I'm just so fucking excited to hang with him and crash at his place and just do whatever.

[you know what's really annoying me? The fonts are all jacked up and I can't figure out which one was my original...]

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Anonymous said...

it's cool yo! if the ID don't work I can just get you drinks. ALL AGES don't forget!