Friday, July 31, 2009


At the same 'Cage the Animals' event I just posted about, I mentioned that there were cute stalls outside selling cool stuff. This one hippie chick Kate Thompson had the most awesome feather creations. After he probably got fed up of me eye-balling her stall from every place I was stationed at at the party, Panda gave in and bought me one of the large feather and bone hair clips. $15. On instinct, I would've gone for the black but I decided a white one would show up more and add a little activity to my usually dark look. SO FUCKING IN LOVE WITH THIS RIGHT NOW! THANK YOU, PANDA!!!

She hasn't sorted out a website or anything yet unfortunately but her shit's pretty so if you're in the LA area, I'm sure she'd love it that someone out there gave you her deets to give her a shout.

Kate Thompson
I'm afraid not too many posts over the next week or so as I'm heading off to Vegas in the morning for like 9 days. This weekend is Panda's pimped out hotel suite birthday party and the weekend after that is a friend's wedding. As for the days in between...getting up close and personal with his fam. I'm not too daunted about it anymore though, even though last time was fucking distressing. 3 years with Panda has me pretty confident about whatever comes my way on this trip. I'm over it.

Have a good weekend!

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