Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sippin' Sangria with all kinds of fruit inside while lounging on deck chairs at the house, wearing cut-offs and a Lacuna Coil t-shirt from their show you just saw, and whining about how complicated your life is. Playing tennis before that, then after getting all sweaty and defeated, lapsing into a coma in the pool.

I am still so glad I blew off my graduation ceremony for this. And Panda makes me amazing tofu dinners, Starbucks out here is well versed in my absolute favourite iced green tea lattes that I fell in love with in Beijing and all these fun things keep popping up around the city right in the nick of time to save me from the hazy, sun-dried spell of boredom I would usually have in the middle of summer. I am really going to savour this and appreciate how good I have it because once I touch back down in Abu Dhabi in September, it's all about the 9-5.

Might be checking out some major surfing competition that's sponsored by Hurley at Huntington Beach today, then heading into downtown for Exene's show that I told you about (couldn't go to the opening), then hopefully this:
...then a week in Vegas with Panda's family for his major bday bash and a wedding. Starting to get jitters over the 'f' word.


Mathew said...

Great... I'm craving sangria like fuck now, thank you. lol

Kara said...

:) just doing my blogger-ly duty