Friday, July 24, 2009


I had gotten an invite to the Grand Opening party of the new Kill City store on Melrose wayy back and couldn't attend because I was in London, obv. That sucked. Now that I'm in town for a while, I finally got a chance to stop by and check it out. It's beyond fucking fantastic. I get stupid over their jeans because I've never had jeans fit me so perfectly in any other brand and so everytime they're due to send me free shit, I always go for a pair of Junkie-fit skinnies, but when you go there, check out the jewelry too!

And I met this super helpful employee there whose name I forgot, but she was so cool and so nice and totally nailed a pair of shredded black KC skinnies. I told her about my blog and she wrote it down to check out, so this is just a 'hello lovely and welcome to the site' shout-out in case you actually did get a chance to browse me.

Here are a couple things I REALLY wouldn't fucking mind owning from KC:

If you read two posts back, you'd know I was into the acid wash look right now, so yes, these jeans

No explanation here

fucking sick variation of previous

Sweet imagery. I like owls...

And the boyf wants this (which I'd definitely be borrowing once or twice)

..and there was a handful of other stuff, of course, so check it!
They're actually looking for a style intern (even though I didn't just graduate from design school) , as well as conspirators for their blog, which I am of course tackling because who wouldn't want more of their rad clothing?? KC, PICK ME!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ohhh that last jacket is SICK I want one too!