Friday, July 31, 2009


I have some cool people to tell you about.

So Panda, his house mate F and I went to that 'Cage The Animals' event I posted about at Studio 1444 and had the best time; hands down my best day so far since I've been in LA...minus the last couple grossly inebriated hours of the night (all you can drink beer for $10 at an all day event? no wonder shit got crazy. I turned 8 years old).

When we arrived at 4, it was already under way and this band Cheetahsaurus was on. F had been telling me how good they were and that we shouldn't miss their set. I think they're awesome but the space didn't do their sound any justice. Studio 1444 is a photography studio normally.

OH! This was awesome! Sunny weather usually summons the ice cream trucks but CoolHaus is more than your average. Cookies! ANNNDD everything they give you is edible.

Even the wrapper. And they'll do some mad edible ink advertising for you on them if you want. And I'll eat it for you. Anyways, green tea flavoured anything is my ab favourite these days so I was squealing all over myself when I saw that green tea ice cream was available. And between oatmeal cookies? Yessss!

So check out CoolHaus.
There were little stalls outside selling cute vintage goods/feather creations/food/drink/whatev, that I'd haunt in between sets.
These guys were my fav. They somehow made magic in that awful space and sounded like a really good dream! They're called Intricate Machines. Listen to their song 'What Flood'.

And Avi Buffalo was cute too.

Of course I got my face painted.
And then I just really liked this photo's... 'being' (the one above this paragraph, and below). Panda is a good photographer. He'll probably be the source of most everything I post up here around LA because he's really good and I'm really lazy. We were thinking of challenging Rumi from Fashion Toast and her BF who takes all her amazing photos to a fashion&foto-off but I'm so fucking lazy and hate 80% of the photos taken of me because 85% of the time I think I'm ugly (wah wah wah, I know).

He always documents my drunkapades. The fucker. There's a video too of this and he's talkin to me while I'm trying to calmly go about passing out.

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