Sunday, January 17, 2010


So Fox and I have made a decision to celebrate our birthdays all month so on our last days of work he borrowed his bro's car, picked me up and we sped off to Dubai, clubbed like house rats, checked out asian chicks, got drunk, talked a pile of bullshit, listened to gangsta rap, passed out and woke up in this really nice hotel with a sick view of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. *SIGH* my life...

So I guess we're dating (minus a label). It's been fun...laying on the beach for 2 days straight, drinking Corona, teaching each other stupid phrases in our respective languages. But Panda hasn't been too far from my mind either...

Panda and I talked for hours this morning and the complete sick-in-the-head losers we are, we came up with this plan to get 2 t-shirts printed in bulk to sell to you. One saying Team Panda and one Team Fox. When Fox becomes more of a regular on here, I'll set up a paypal account and you'll be able to choose which 'animal' you like more, then order and sport their respective t-shirt. Panda and I will share the proceeds. Sounds like a plan?

I THINK I'm just kidding...we'll see.

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