Wednesday, January 6, 2010


[EDIT: Really not sure what I was on at the time of writing this but clearly hadn't followed instructions so I fixed the bastard because I'm a diligent blogger like that]
9 currents:
mood: fucking battered after work..
taste: some sort of sauteed fishy thing that is sooo good right now, and mint green tea.
clothes: black fitted Gap tshirt I wore to work today and some black yoga pants.
desktop: on the family PC, which my brother haunts so...sad to say, Tottenham Hotspur logos everywhere!
nail color: yesterday's peeling black is today's sleek white. Hate that one of my expenses has become fucking nails...times seriously change...
surroundings: steaming teacup, ipod, camera, lurking paternal grandmother..
annoyance(s): not getting much done in a space of 8 hours at work and having absolutely tight-as-virgin-pussy deadlines, and, as a result, having ulcers the night before them...but they do pay off I guess.
thoughts: sexyness, generally

8 Favorites:
color: black, gold, white, grey, purple, neon pink, neon orange, chanel nail polish green right now, I guess...
food: sake sashimi and unagi, basically...
book: The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi. But I'm hoping Kafka on the Shore by Murakami will impress because Becks has been strongly recommending it for ages and I finally got hold of a copy.
sport: Oooohhh, well one thing I love about working for a mag is the rush of research and new knowledge and I learned today that Abu Dhabi actually has pole dancing classes under the name 'Vertical Flex' and I have to's very much in my budget, if you know what I mean.
season: Spring in London; any day during the months of December and April in Abu Dhabi; the rainy season in Trinidad
day of the week: depends on what's happening, doesn't it? Dunno about you, but my days aren't redundant, which is why I love freelancing.
ice-cream flavor: rose or saffron and pistachio persian ice creaaammm!!!! Or green tea, which I had on Sunday while reviewing Sho Cho.
time of day: evening or ridonculously early morning (when I'm not working, cuz otherwise that means I haven't slept well)

7 firsts:
best friend: Kylieeeee!!! This painfully scrawny half black half portuguese chick with really long hair who went to convent school with me. We realised we were the only people in class who listened to rock and just hit it off from there, obvs.
kiss: To this scrawny half indian half white kid I was quite good friends with. He was obsessed with Blind Guardian and introduced me to one of my favourite goth metal bands back in the day (Lacuna Coil). He wanted to ask me on a date for ages apparently. We finally went on one to a movie. We knew this kiss was going to happen the whole time so we went to watch the Yu-Gi-Oh movie so we wouldn't waste a perfectly decent movie by NOT watching it. The ticket came with one of the playing cards...WISH I still had it. He said I kissed weird because he didn't know it was my first kiss. People always assume I've done a lot more than I's interesting.
piercing: All my friends got their ears pierced when they were babies except me so once I turned 12 I became obsessed and started piercing myself at the mall something like...once a month. Obviously addicted, I've since had a lip piercing (now gone) and a septum piercing (still pretty fresh - still love it). And, as you know, I'm considering doing one nipple.
crush: Hmmm this boy called Jesse from primary school. He bullied me though and didn't like me but as time went by, we became quite cool with each other because I always had the best CDs, which I brought in for class parties. Later on we all went off to separate high schools and in his 2nd year or so, I heard he was hit by a car. He died and that was pretty much devastating - first death I had ever experienced. I wrote a short screenplay on the subject once for screenwriting class...hope I can find that thing again...would be interesting to read.
music: Spice Girls!!
car: eh...
6 lasts:
food: fish
drink: mint green tea
kiss: can't remember, but not too long ago (I shall call him Fox - urggh...unfortunate animal theme getting started, but he actually has a fox tattooed on his stomach)
song played: Nirvana's 'Heartshaped Box'
show watched: This ridonculous cartoon called Chowder...sorta Spongebob-ish, really, but more oddly adult.

5 have you ever(s):
Dated one of your best friends: yup..I have a record, actually.
Broken the law: nope
Been arrested: nope, sorry.
Skinny dipped: I am really actually hoping to do this this another country, of course. Also want to visit a nude beach.
Been on tv: yeah...for things like performing as a violinist at concerts in Trinidad though...can't remember what else...maybe swimming? OH! I was also style spotted at some party back home...wearing a rasta hat and a bunch of other shit. I never saw the video though, only heard about it :(

4 things:
you did last night: saw The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, drank some free drinks at a bar, went to another Chinese prostitute-heavy bar, admired this one pro's billiards skills and was told that she does tattoos (considered it and decided against it in future as am not remotely partial to hepatitis).
you can hear right now: drums, guitar, bass, vocals
you’ve done today: slaved in an office, drank coffee, slept, flirted via text
you do when you’re bored: sleep mostly, call my ex, drink tea, snoop around facebook and get even more bored doing that

3 people:

you can tell anything to:
Mistress Ivy

2 choices:
black or white: depends, darling
hot or cold: really? this is stupid

1 wish:


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