Friday, January 8, 2010


Over the past 2 days I...
*taught someone how to use chopsticks

*learned that my name pretty much means 'shit' in Arabic (except spelt slightly differently)

*learned how to say 'eat shit' in Arabic as a result of this (kol khara)

*received 2 free midori-infused shots from the manager at a restaurant I helped review a few days ago

*felt bad and hid under a bowler hat at first from him because my co-worker who wrote the final review gave it a 5/10, which was released in print that same morning

*borrowed money

*blasted a taxi driver for faking that his metre didn't work and got him to turn it on

*got my hair done

*discussed the true meaning of happiness with Fox in Burger King while 50 Cent's 'birthday' song played in the background for some kid's party

*blew out a birthday candle

*forgot to make a wish

*was mentioned in the same sentence with Rihanna TWICE by 2 different people regarding how I look

*found an awesome store that sells septum piercing jewelry and ACTUALLY ran into a no-joke-smokin' guy with the same piercing (VERY strange occurrence here) looking to buy some in an emergency as well.

*was checked out at a club by a group of white guys, one of which was a co-worker who didn't recognise me (pretty sure it was him especially after receiving an important doc from him today that started off 'I hope you're having a good weekend!')

*had a watermelon martini

*saw a 3 car accident while coolly sitting in starbucks and scraping my name into a piece of furniture

*did not get drunk!

*rolled over in bed and thought 'what the fuck am I doing?'

*got burned by deoderant?

*listened to Shakira's 'Did It Again' more than I would like to admit

*told an awful truth

*had a conversation in Tagalog!

*was given the nickname Tokyo (was nearly donned 'Lee')

*discussed sex with my mother

*got a glass of red wine knocked out of my hand at a club and had it spill all over this girl, and just quietly walked away

*massacred some major Italian carbs then felt bad and scurried upstairs for a 12 mile cycle

*unintentionally wore a new Topshop sweater with a panda on it (honestly not bought because of ex boyf Panda but because cute) when I went to visit Fox (yikes?)

I turn 21 on Sunday...

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