Monday, January 25, 2010



1) Model Ursula Konina for The Row...the hair...the sunglasses...the look. Aced it. Current desktop photo for realz!

1a) I've been on the beach with The Fox nearly everyday...not that I need to be in the sun for a decade (or ever) but fresh watermelon juice and choppy english (on his part) and arabic (on mine) while we read and mark up any recent copy I've written for a local mag somehow enable me to lie there and roast for hours.

2) The last act of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet...that urban church...??!

2a) I want to name drop some new friends I've made; Nat and Chass of the band Frequnt People. They're a couple who perform nightly at this bar I frequent called Hemingway's (this is also where I met The Fox, as he is a 'frequent person' too). Even though they're rounding up their contract with the bar and are heading to the UK then back to Australia next month, we plan to keep in close contact. They're going to be performing with Sir Bob Geldof in Dubai in March though and are gonna hook me and The Fox up with some tickets (yay!). Big going away party happening on Wednesday for them. I can't tell you how much I love Nat though. She is the first friend I've made here who's on my level, especially sartorially, and it's such a shame that we only started really chatting a month ago. She's been throwing these amazing clothing pieces my way since she's moving and we've been prowling the dirty back streets for disturbingly cheap, exquisite vintage handbags, and scoring like gangstas! She is the reason I've decided to start my pretty things business...collecting rock star one of a kind pieces all over the world and throwing viewing parties wherever I please - maybe even London a few times! So keep an ear out! (and yes, I will show you what we time)

3) Risko over at the SRC783 Blog getting creative with her bad self.

3a) Isn't Risko THE BEST fucking name ever? Anyway, since mine means shit in Arabic, I'm gonna go with Idole now.

4) TOPPA TOP! Hanneli spotted this girl being too cool for this motherfuckin' planet! GIRL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

4a) So hold up...I DID the septum piecing. I DID the long brightly coloured braid. Why can't I have it this together?? FACK! I need to do some styling, hit up our building's rooftop and strike embarassing poses with my Olympus on timer. Still working up the guts to be this loser-ish.

5) Some girl on The Cobrasnake doing a really good job wearing a long plaid dress in the style of Rayanne Graff on My So Called Life! GAHHH!!!! And can we have a moment of silence for the dusty cotton candy coloured hair trend of late?

5a) After a 2-week trial at a local mag where I interviewed fun-deprived teenagers, flambouyantly gay filipinos-cum-friends and bus drivers, reviewed 5 star restaurants, pestered the ministry of health for more info on the country's newly enforced smoking ban (hooray!) and pretended to be professional as I was scrubbed down and masaged by an overly patient spa therapist, I've been offered a permanent position with them! As excited as I was to continue living that life a week ago, now that I've just shaken hands with the editor, I'm getting cold feet. Dream job aside, do I really want to be a suited up, weighed down 9-5er?

...and on a side note, I ranted about face paint inspo on Bitching and Junkfood recently too, not to mention you GOTTA see this.

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