Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Bath essentials?

Looking...at Sweeney Todd on TV and wondering when I'll ever get over his lust-worthy coif..still upset with my hair stylist for telling me my hair would break off if I put a white streak in it (and no, a fake chunk won't suffice)

Reading...Arabic...had my first proper class today!

Drinking...Iced chai tea lattes, as usual

Watching...this Cass Bird trailer over and over of life perfected, starring friends in the Sophomore Spring 2010 collection! (posted on my birthday, might I add)

Smelling of...chlorine


Dreaming of...my upcoming trip to the Philippines! So stoked! Next month, bitches!

Wearing...Zara. Zara. Zara. A sneak peak at my last much anticipated, heavily discounted purchase?

Trying...and failing to be productive - there are so many reasons for which I need to sit in front of this laptop for hours but have only managed to give it the time of day to browse FFFound, update my twitter status, internet bank and stalk Rihanna

Wanting...my motherfucking cheques to arrive in the post already!!!


On a side note, IT'S SURF SEASON! Have never even lain on a board on the fucking sand but I've been keen to start for years (and what better excuse than a new year?). Scott over at SurfDubai has been sending me loads of cool updates recently and it looks like they're doing a special offer for their surf fit programme (land and water based boot camp happening next month):

The one month course, which consists of 2 sessions a week only costs AED 1000! And if you bring a friend you both pay 900 (bring 2 and you'll pay 800 apiece!!). All equipment provided!


This Friday, check them on Sunset Beach (Dubai) in the morning and grab as much free Quiksilver gear as you can (they're their sponsors and are being super generous that day only to celebrate the opening of the season.

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