Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I did a post a while back where I impressively managed to break copyright rules by not acknowledging that that awesome octopus woman image was the stellar product of the talented Mr. Dan Hillier. In my mind I see him as something short of an artist celebrity completely out of my reach, who is fast becoming one of my favourites in the art world. But I dragged Panda along to the Sunday Up Market at Brick Lane this past Sunday, and there he was, selling his goods, and GOODs they are (wow, that sucked)! My wallet's contents were already dwindling by the time I approached his solely black and white stall but I certainly let my eyes lap it all up like milk for a starved kitten. And now I know what I want for christmas.

I definitely plan to go back for the skull tote, and wish I could be something similar to that beak-eyed lady creature above for Anyways, my wishlist is certainly not limited to these prints. I would have any and everything of his if I could afford it; maybe even his hand in marriage. Maybe. So, I beg of you (or probably don't even have to), acknowledge this shit.

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Mrs. M. said...

That skeleton bog is SO you.