Friday, March 12, 2010


HONESTLY, who the fuck lives in Illinois? But anyway, if you do, you best be checking this shit out....

The 'beer, boobs, booze and boards' tagline should cover any explanations you may desire, but basically, to spit it out, it's a party and an exhibish where all these rad artistic people like Kesh customize some old fucked up skateboards. I'd kill to see the outcome (and I'm sure Kesh will do a follow-up post on it) but yeah, I'm busy on the deserted Yas Island not so much enjoying a complimentary 2 nights stay at one of the new hotels. The Fox is with me. We just fought....3 times. We've stuffed ourselves silly on all sorts of complimentary fare and are supposed to meet the group up again at the pool bar for more complimentary junk at several venues across the island. It sounds all lush and jealous-worthy, but believe me, once you get used to complimentary this and that, it gets I'm a fat pig with bad skin and a foul temper. Looking forward to going back home and sitting on the stationary bike upstairs for the rest of my life. Pictures to come. Enjoy your weekend.

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