Monday, March 8, 2010


So literally the first thing I did when I touched down in Manila (apart from put back in my nose ring and limply hug a never-ending line-up of long lost friends from the US and UK, including Panda) was scope out a tattoo parlour. Luckily there was one next door to my hotel so by the time we hit the clubs that night, I was totally rocking it.

Of course my arm was grabbed to no end that night so it stung like a bitch but it's the price you pay, right? Not sure if you can read it but it says '...and she lived happily ever after'. I was toying with doing the whole 'Once upon a time..' business on my other arm but my wallet told me to hold off and see where my bills ended up near the end of the trip (and boy am I lucky I refrained). Anyway, just to add, as someone who has suffered from clinical depression since she was 12, I am absolutely obsessed with happiness and chasing it. So that should explain that one. As for now, as Jay-Z would say...'on to the next one.'


Anthans said...

Hi. I like your spontaneous nature and the idea behind your tattoo. It made my mind tingle. If I met you in real life for the first time I'm certain that we would enjoy each others company. Read a blog entry of mine to find out about what my mind is like if you like. I look forward to your reply comment. Excuse me as I continue to read some more words, written by you.

P.S. I'll follow you if you follow me.

DeeVine said...

Continue to chase happiness! It gives you a natural high! :)