Saturday, March 27, 2010


A random Radisson Blu moment...

Ever got in a spat with someone you were seeing then had to endure a swelling silence while going through one of those automatic car washes? Oh my God, I swear that just happened to me. Only thing uttered, "This would be pretty neat to do while high"

In all fairness, a lot of interesting things have been going on in my life lately....muay thai classes....hypnotherapy sessions...more on those at a later date but by the way, both I higher than highly recommend! Umm so I have to get some sleep right about now if I'm going to face the manic work day I anticipate most Sundays (yeah we work Sundays and our weekends start Thursdays), so I'll just fill out a questionnaire thingie so we can catch up.
Last thing you ate: popcorn
Last thing you drank: coke
Last thing you watched: Daybreakers (because we were too late for Shutter Island and I was hoping in vain to see some cum-inducing vampire scenes)
Last thing you bought: bag and skirt from Zara
Last thing you returned: an HTC phone
Last thing you dreamt of: a very strange film showcasing the vagina in many different shapes and forms...I sat watching it with Rihanna who had a guest appearance. Twas pretty gross
Last thing you fought with someone about: littering
Last thing you regretted: buying that Zara skirt in XS
Last thing you forgot: that Earth Hour was being celebrated today so I plan to switch off everything for an hour everyday this week instead
Last thing you wrote: an article probably
Last text you received: A purchase of AED 545.00 was authorized from your NBAD Debit Mastercard at blah blah blah
Last thing you laughed at: a vampire exploding
Last thing you read: a few more chapters of Kafka on the Shore while relaxing on the beach
Last thing you felt proud about: waking up early as fuck on Friday to go to Muay Thai class after partying hard the night before, then after training doing 100 air punches, 50 push ups, 30 then 20 then 10 kicks on either side in 3 mins 15 secs. - I beat Monday's time (5 mins)!
Last thing you considered: A Blackberry (no thanks)
Last person you spoke to: The Fox
Last thing you saw that you wanted: an army green Jeep Wrangler
Last thing you stole: some really expensive looking chopsticks from a bar
Last thing you realised: just how fucking powerful the mind is
Last thing you decided: to relax, get some sleep and wake up and deal with the shit tomorrow instead

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