Monday, March 8, 2010


It's so much easier to ease back into blogging with the help of a song....

And with that sung, let us vent...

"So she finally decides to show up...what fucking nerve! Abandons us like a Friday night cum shot and expects us to congregate again like nothing ever happened...which nothing did for over 2 bloody weeks! Seriously. The. Nerve."

Well. I hope that covers it but feel free to make good use of my comment box because even if you're typing my ear off about how shitty I am as a blogger, it beats only receiving junk from Japanese spammers.

Recently I've been:

sleeping in seedy whore-infested motels in Manila - getting more tattoos - partying on the beach by moonlight in Boracay - slurping duck embryos straight from the egg like shots - wearing denim shirts, feathers and large tie-dyed scarves - playing tennis again - fantasizing about watching my copy of Woodstock: The Director's Cut...but not watching it - trying to pick the perfect moment to watch it - buying items for my new accessories business - collecting bank from the first couple items sold - trying on fancy jalabiyas (arabic gowns) to the chagrin of many save for the store keeper and myself - speaking lots and lots of arabic - wondering if I am going to become a muslim just because I am ANYTHING BUT - but then drinking lots and lots of alcohol - eating lots and lots of restaurant food due to a huge surge in demand for me to do reviews - getting chunky because of said reviews and rice-crazed Filipino dishes - enforcing another strict fitness/diet regime as a result - getting tagged in way too many unbecoming photos - shopping at Oyshko for pyjama bits and bobs to wear out and about - flipping through the latest UK Elle on the beach with The Fox and having him give me style advice - shaking hands on the idea to take a joint trip to Zara/Zara Men and choose pieces for each other - actually trusting him on this one because he likes girls in baggy tshirts and mini skirts - catching myself off guard talking about The Fox too much like this....that sort of stuff.

And this week I'm:

taking a sushi-making class - interviewing a taxi driver about his harsh Abu Dhabi reality - reviewing another restaurant - enjoying a complimentary 3 night stay at a new amazing hotel - thinking of checking out like a rock star - looking into a short stint in Jordan - buying tickets for my friends' gig with Sir Bob Geldof in Dubai next weekend - doing laundry - probably returning 2/3 of the Oyshko items.

And right now:

I promise to try my best to post at least once a week.

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