Monday, August 24, 2009


'Summer Sluttin'' it WhoWhatWear style. These are my two absolute fave looks from their July Fashion Story; the 2nd more than the first (kinda over leather jackets - there's too much of a suffocating hype over them and it's too hot to wear one anyway, esp. since I wear black everyday).

Today's plan was to visit the Erotic Museum but I arrived here on H'wood blvd. and it's fucking shut tight. Is there something I don't know about? So now I'm wifi'ing it up at some cafe. Gonna haunt the shops afterwards, starting with American Apparel. Can't buy anything, and yet not fazed. I haven't bought a single fashion item since I got here over a month ago. I've been super good in that department. But for sure, since I've been eyeballing shit for ages, I know exactly what I want, and when my trip's over, if I have a little cash left, I'll collect my prizes.

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