Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Some sick boots from a random footwear site I stumbled upon. I'm back meddling in the pervy world and working on a big piece for Skin Two while out here (to the chagrin of my mother who called yesterday to tell me I got 1st class honours). Hooray and anyway, this is my first real decently paid freelance gig. Hopefully once this pulls through, I'll have enough money to go to the Philippines in February for my friend's wedding, and for a mini break from a dry existence back home in Abu Dhabi. I have about a month left out here, which I may need to extend, depending on this article.

Going to a gig tonight for a girl whose music video Panda has offered to produce and direct and may check my friend's acoustic set tonight at some place in Little Tokyo.

In other news, after a night at The Standard Hotel partying pooltop for my friend's birthday, I realised that when I get really drunk, usually, what happens is, a really really big ass sits on my life and shits piles all over it. So the mission is to stay relatively sober for the rest of my stay here so Panda doesn't sprout anymore greys. So I won't be buying. But if you'd like to sponsor me...

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