Tuesday, August 25, 2009


2 pictures from yesterday.

Nothing that isn't already understood has to be said about Kiki de Montparnasse, but if you were ever looking for the best ice cream in the world and got tired of doing so, it's because you never encountered Rose & Saffron Ice Cream on the corner of Wilkins and Westwood in Los Angeles. It's this humble little Persian ice cream place with the best flavours.

I don't really do ice cream but when I do, green tea ice cream is my choice. It's been my favourite flavour over the last year or so. Before that, I would occasionally reward myself with a scoop of Tiramisu from Oddono's in South Kensington. Failing that, I'd welcome kulfi (Indian ice cream) every now and then, but that's hard to come by. Minus those three, I would never eat ice cream.

But then last night, Sebastian suggested Panda and I go to that Persian ice cream place. I tried 1 scoop of Saffron & Pistachio (thanks for the tip, Seb!) and 1 White Rose (still obsessed with rose). And you know how in that movie The Ramen Girl how the guy had magic in his ramen soup and could make his customers burst into tears or burst out laughing etc.? (there's another even better movie like this that I can't remember) Anyways, the point is, I went through a similar experience eating that ice cream. I fell in love with life. I sat outside (freezing and inclusive of mountainous goosebumps) but just sat there anyway and peacefully watched life go by. It was beautiful. I ended up asking Panda to buy me an extra scoop and nearly took a tub home. I'm going back for that tub next time we're in town.

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