Tuesday, August 11, 2009


HA! Wow. Two beauty product posts in a row. That's something new for me. My beauty regime usually consists of black liner, that clinique 3 step thing that isn't really working for me and the latest CK scent. But after my internship at Viva when they left me with a huge haul of beauty closet goodies, I started getting really experimental. My friend T-Mac left Panda a cute little bag of girlie freebies to give me and I came across this Wine Hydrating Mask thing by Arcona, which, (after only 3 uses, I admit) I really don't think is doing anything to improve my looks, but it makes me smell like Sangria!!! And I love Sangria!!!

I'm hoping the tiny freebie pot I have is a sample and it's not actually that size and going for $38 because I think I might stock up to take back home. I mean, I'm sure that if it claims to do all these things that it'll enhance at least one aspect of my unimpressive skin (which, for some reason, all of my friends on facebook have been saying is radiant lately).

-nourishes and replenishes dry, dehydrated and depleted skin
-stimulates cellular renewal
-reduces wrinkles
-firms and smoothes by accelerating skin's natural defenses with grape seed and wine extracts and reserveratrol
-revitalizes skin with borage, macadamia nut and carrot oils, shea butter and vitamin E, leaving skin supple, soothed and balanced
-repairs, refreshes and refines skin with hyaluronic acid, the most effective moisture-binding humectant

Has anyone ever heard of or used Arcona's products and been instantly whipped into a bona-fide babe? Curious to know if I should continue dumping this on my face or if to just quit while I'm ahead and sniff the pot for Sangria-scented satisfaction...


Wedding Girl said...

kara. i worked in beauty for about 2 years, arcona is awesome. ask me ANY beauty q's you might have. xxx, sally

Kara said...

LOL oh yeah! thanks Sal. I think I'll buy a tub then.