Friday, August 7, 2009


Pretty sure I used that blog title already but those words are too perfect to pass up for the post at hand. I was due to re-stock on perfume since my handful of CK's, DKNY Delicious and Burberry have all finally run out.

So when I saw the introduction to D&G's clever new fragrances inspired by tarot cards in a copy of this month's Elle, which was, as usual, a forever shocking disappointment except for that article where some chick chops off all her hair in exchange for a quaint pixie cut she found on The Sartorialist, and was then dumped by her boyfriend as a result, I took too much notice (maybe because I felt wronged and deprived of editorial substance). The cards:

LE BATELEUR (the magician)
Indicates someone with an open heart; an incurable romantic who is intensely desired by others, aka 'the seducer'.

L'IMPERATRICE (the empress)
Most tarot readers believe this card symbolizes a person with great power and strength of character. According to the designers, "She's a star, magnetic, energetic, and charismatic - a real attention-grabber."

L'AMOUREUX (the lovers)
Represents a 'charmer' who knows what she wants and how to get it; someone who is provocative, resourceful, and passionate but also distinctly cool.

LA ROUE DE LA FORTUNE (the wheel of fortune)
Representative of luck and change. This one's for adventurous types, 'players' who enjoy surprises and rolling the dice of life.

LA LUNE (the moon)
Signifies a 'dreamer' who is in touch with her creative side, an alluring and ethereal free spirit. Like the moon, she is radiant, inspiring, and mysterious.

I think La Lune is me, but then again, one does choose a perfume for one's personal scent of choice and not for one's star-written destiny, right...? Hence, I opted for old familiars revamped: CKIN2U Heat and one of the trusty CK Summer's.

Wedding this weekend. We stayed at Paris last night, ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory, where I inhaled THE MOST amazing portabello mushroom (in place of a patty) burger and then I got Panda to buy me one of those ridonculously tall, totally Vegas-type glasses of pina colada in the shape of an Eiffel Tower. After much disappointment in the alcoholic content of that big fucking drink, we opened up a couple Coronas in the room and watched Miike's Asian Western 'Sukiyaki Western Django', which I bought Panda for his birthday, along with Tropic Thunder.

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