Friday, August 28, 2009


Part of yesterday's outfit. I just really really like these two pieces: my super versatile Promod vest that my mom bought me in Abu Dhabi before I left for L.A. And, of course, my equally as versatile Kate Thompson bone and feather hair clip that Panda picked up for me at a mini festival put on by Tightrope.

I never thought I'd see the day where my mom had to drag me off on a shopping spree. But after I got rid of/sold the majority of my stuff before finishing up my degree in London, I was sartorially barren (not sure if that completely works with what I'm trying to say but it sounds perfect - meaning, I had very limited wardrobe - I like the word 'sartorial'). It was liberating while it lasted, not to be tied down by so many material things. But knowing me, that thought was easily blown out the window shortly after my mom swiped that plastic. What that fleeting thought did leave me with was the idea of shopping smart- buying less by choosing a few key pieces that could work with everything else I owned. Yes, a very old lesson, but one that needs to be re-learned every single time.

Ate dinner at Oinkster (try the ube milkshakes!), then stuffed myself into a PVC zippered mini in the back of the car while Panda drove, and worked last night at Club Hell. No, I wasn't one of the gorgeous gals giving saline injections or mummy-wrapping some eager attendee. But I worked. LAWeekly has a slideshow up already.

UPDATE: Funny how after posting this, I noticed that on my friend's blog, she picked up a vere lovely feather creation herself recently that definitely contends. Hmmm, me thinks you win, lovely. Am looking for something similar myself.

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