Sunday, June 21, 2009


So...these days I'm generally reluctant to test the new music waters but this is my new favourite listen. Okay, maybe it's relatively old but did you read what I just said?

And El Dia de los Muertos...yeah, love it. I'm definitely feeling fashion inspiration from it and the video. I'm buzzed. Sorta bored of my piercing already, which works out for my dad. Plus Panda isn't keen on it. So what's next? I mean to say...I'm not taking it out yet, but I think I need something what?

Current listen sorted. As for current read...

Gave in and bought this at the airport after Mistress Ivy left yesterday. Went for a blood test to renew my residency visa then today I spent the day rotting in bed. I hate how easy it is to just give up on everything you were working on with a friend after they leave. Didn't do any yoga today or set foot anywhere near our upstairs gym. I spent a great deal running those thoughts through my mind though while tuning into a marathon of CANDY GIRLS! (FUN-NESS! - I don't ever watch TV really but when I do I get addicted to THE VILEST 'reality' shows). I'm going to apply to be a Candy Girl. Why not? It's not like there are any other jobs around these days...unless you can think of some crazy way to exploit yourself on video for MTV or E! So if you ask me, I'm thinkin' ahead. I might even start videotaping my family. I've been zoning out all day and pretending I wasn't a part of it but rather a TV audience. My family is MADE for TV! MADE!


Camille said...

Do it! I would totally watch it! Lol! I'm a reality tv addict!

Kara said...

aww geez thats really flattering lol. i'm a reality tv whore myself. Maybe my boyfriend can make it happen, the budding director he be :) watch this space! x