Wednesday, June 24, 2009


And I'm just one of a billion other people who DIDN'T think of this first! (from Vantity Farm) Really...really...REALLY anxious to get on my own two feet and own a dope apartment. I've actually been thinking a lot about that lately. Not toilet paper, but this Miss Independent stuff. So can someone please give me a decent job already? Preferably one where a new laptop, pyjamas and luxuriously tossed sheets are involved.

So my L.A trip has been cut back slightly due to the fact that all these major official documents I own are all expiring at the same time. So there's about to be a lot of blood sampling, cotton swabbing, eye and thumb scanning and picture taking. And if you'll notice a couple picture posts back, home girl has a bull ring (my dad hasn't failed to point out half a dozen times). And it's now become, 'Get rid of that ring [that same bull ring that will keep you unemployed, judged and embarassing as my eldest child representative] and I'll help you get a cheaper ticket to L.A.'

So...I'm now on the hunt for a transparent filler for my newborn hole. But guess what? The U.A.E. has made tattoo and piercing studios illegal! Isn't that super? But luckily, it should be fully healed in a little over a week so I might be able to stick my own cleansed and trembling fingers up my nostrils and sort something out just before picture time. Wish me luck because I think it's kind of sexy now!

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